Don Bosco was born in Italy in the year 1815. Having lost his father at the age of two, Mamma Margaret, his mother, laid a strong spiritual foundation for him. From childhood, his only desire was to be a spiritual guide of the youth.

After becoming a priest, his charming personality attracted hundreds of youngsters. Unemployment being rampant during his time, he conducted job oriented courses for the youth and saved them from several social evils. Through his own experience he evolved his. own educational system called “The Preventive System” which was based” on reason, religion and loving kindness.

His fundamental teaching was : “Jump, shout, play and enjoy but never commit sin.” His greatest desire was to spend all his life for the boys. His greatest treasure was boys and his final words to them were: “I shall be waiting for you in heaven.”

Don Bosco died in the year 1888 at the age of 72. Today, there are more than 15,000 Salesians (followers of Don Bosco) working in 1900 centres including Schools, Colleges, Parishes and Missions spread over 132 countries, the world over. Don Bosco is the Founding Father of the Salesian Community. St. Mary’s, run by the Salesians, is a Don Bosco Institution, and follows his method of preventive system of education in empowering the youth.