To educate in a family atmosphere to be

• Intellectually –  Enlightened
• Spiritually –  Profound
• Emotionally – Balanced
• Socially – Committed and
• Morally – Responsible

The harmonious development of mind and body is effected by suitable Religious, Moral, Intellectual, Social and Physical education involving a variety of Curricular and Co-curricular activities, based on Christian principles, using the Preventive System of Don Bosco.

  • The constant search for values which promote one’s personal growth and contribute to the development of one’s human and civil culture.
  • The authentic experience of God, lived with simplicity and translated into a communal rapport with one’s brethren.
  • The kindness that strengthens the bond of friendship, builds up the family spirit and creates solidarity.
  • Accepting Mary, the Model for women, as Teacher and Mother, who helps, guides, protects and teaches self-giving, for the service of others.