There is a blessing in everything that happens to us.”

The academic year 2020-21 has unwrapped itself to all of us with a difference. The school has been covered with a spell of silence and has left the campus totally incomplete without the smiling faces of our loving students. 

However, I am elated to experience the love and warmth of our students as they attend and interact with great enthusiasm and interest in the online classes, which seems to be happening in many schools and in particular our institution. 

St. Mary’s Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School, stands tall in all aspects and we, in particular, cater to the needs of our children by providing them not only with mere education, but rather holistic formation,  following  our Vision Statement –‘ to develop the students’ spirit, mind and body’.  This is made possible with a very strong team of dedicated staff members who collaborate with the stake holders of our institution for the integral growth and formation of  the young minds entrusted to our care.  At this juncture, we sincerely appreciate the kind cooperation of our parents, who always support us in shaping and moulding their ward at all times.

The current unexpected pandemic situation has indeed brought about a lot of changes in our lifestyle, calling for a personal introspection on how to cope with it and accept the reality, which is evident. Education is not mere academics – they can be life lessons, which we would like our children to learn as well. We should take time to educate our children on these lines, in these unprecedented times. As the Scout motto says “BE PREPARED”, we should take the necessary measures to train our children to be prepared to face any situation and challenge at all times.

Our country is well known for its vast and varied heritage and culture. We have contributed at large to the world by the spread of our culture.  The lockdown that we are experiencing these days has taught us many a lesson, as it rewinds and enkindles the minds of the elders the life that they had lived in the past, grabbing every opportunity to stay united as one big family. 

These days, our children spend more time at home and they are pre-occupied with the latest gadgets and Apps that are available and this is undeniable.  However, what good does it bring to our children?  We should take time to instil in their minds the value of our Indian Culture.  This lockdown  has caused a forced slowdown, enabling us to pause and reflect on our way of living.  This precious time should be utilized to teach our children:

1)  The simple home remedies to keep oneself fit and healthy. Regular exercising at home.

2)  To spend extra quality time with the siblings and particularly with the elders in the family.

3)  To update themselves with the latest news and happenings in the world and to encourage the reading habit.

This, indeed will be the best education – a legacy and policy that we can foster to our students.  We can achieve this goal only with the collaboration of the stake holders comprising the management, staff, students and parents of our institution.  Parents and guardians should pay adequate attention in monitoring the education of their child. 

Keeping in mind, the need of the hour – “quality time with our children”, let us march ahead in guiding and leading them to a better future – a future that lies like a sheet of hidden snow.  The way we talk and spend time with our children becomes their inner voice. 

Let us march hand in hand with the blessings of God for a fruitful year. May every wish and effort of ours bring us success for the greater glory of God. 

God bless St. Mary’s, our school, our home.

Yours in the cause of education,

Fr. Dr. M. Thomas, sdb.,

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”