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DBSSRE Executive Committee, heeding to the suggestion of the students, decided to form student council where-in students will participate actively to elect their own leaders and voice the opinions confidently.

Objective: The school welcomes involving students in shaping the day to day organisation and the organisation's rules. In lessions students regularly review their own learning with the teacher and other students.

Purpose: To give voice to the opinions and views of students, to give importance to their suggestions in shaping school rules, to self regulate and to develop leadership qualities.

The mission statement of student council
  • To make sure our school is safe and happy place for all students to learn.
  • To Make sure all students have a place to articulate their concerns, opinions and views
  • To encourage students to suggest improvements in school
  • Make sure their suggestions are listened to and acted upon.
  • To build good relationship between students, teachers, management and parents.

  • Student Council consists of 50 members (Student Leaders + Monitors of all classes from std. III to XII)
  • Student leaders are elected democratically
  • Students voice their views and opinions in shaping the school rules that affect their school life through student council meetings, student parliament and class parliament.
  • Student council will be held once in a month to seek the views and evaluate the performance of student leaders.
  • Class parliament will be held once a Month on thursdays during LOE period in the respective class to put forth the vision and action plan of the class leaders and evaluate their performance.
  • Student parliament will be held once in a term put forth the vision and action plan of the student leaders and evaluate their performance.

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