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Spacious well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science are available to the students of St. Mary's. They provide a conducive atmosphere for experimenting the scientific facts. 

Rules to be adhered to, while inside the lab

Without the prior permission of the teachers or the lab attender, students are not allowed to enter the laboratory. 

All students are expected to enter the lab with their lab coats on.

Do not play with or waste chemicals

Except for the experimental set up provided, students are warned not to tamper with other apparatuses.

Splashing or wasting water is considered an irresponsible act.

Usage of the burners - be economical; when not in use, please turn them off.

If chemicals spill over during heating or transfer, clean up the place at once with a towel. 

When a test tube or any apparatus is broken, inform the lab attender. 

While leaving the lab, please ensure that the burners and the electrical appliances are switched off. 
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