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A well stocked hitech library with CD's and computers is available to the students of St. Mary's in order that all students benefit by it. They are asked to adhere to the rules given below: 


Students, who wish to avail themselves of the library facilities, should enroll themselves as members of the Library, after which, I.D. Cards will be issued to them. 

Only on production of the I.D. Cards, will a student be permitted to select books.

The I.D. Cards of the students, who intend taking the library books at 3.35 pm, will be retained by the Librarian.

Any library book, that is declared 'lost' by a student, should be replaced by him, with a copy (new) of the same book, within three days, for which the particulars pertaining to the book, may be obtained from the Librarian as followes: a) The Author b) The Publisher c) Abridged or unabridged d) The Cost


Absolute silence is to be maintained in the Library.

No books, papers or bags of any kind and water bottles are to be brought into the library, except a pen and a School Diary. 

Students resorting to any damage to the school furniture, fittings, etc., scribbling on the walls, furniture, floor or books and extraction of pages from any book, whatsoever, will be strictly banned and any student violating this rule will have his membership permanently cancelled. 

Chewing of gum in the School Library is strictly prohibited and any student violating this rule will be debarred permanently from his membership. 

No one may move from place to place or go out of the Library without permission. 

Library periods will be allotted for all classes by the school office. 

Students are not permitted in the library except during the stipulated period. Exceptions need special permission. 

Students must enter and leave the library premises in an orderly and disciplined manner. 

Students are expected to keep the books in order, in the same shelves and cupboards as arranged previously. 

Days allotted for the selection of library books : Monday - Stds. XI & XII Tuesday - Stds. X Wednesday - Stds. IX Thursday - Stds. VIII & VII Friday - Stds. VI & V  

Renewal and selection of books on the days allotted, are to be done between 8.15 am and 8.45 am. Books chosen in the morning will be lent to the students at the counter at 3.35 pm the same day. 

Enrolment: 12.20 pm to 12.50 pm., class-wise, on the days allotted. 
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