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Origin and Early History:

 The origin and history of the School till 1978, was associated with the history of the Archdiocese as the development of the Church of St Mary’s of Angels, at present called, the St. Mary’s Co-Cathedral. The Church was built by the Capuchin fathers in 1775. Strategically situated in the heart of the city on Armenian Street adjacent to the St Mary’s Co-Cathedral, the School faced very many obstacles in its proud and prestigious history. While describing the hardships faced by the institution, Charles Gover had this to say: “St. Mary’s …. is a splendid example of what can be done by single-minded labour and persistant energy against a thousand obstacles.” (Report on the Results of Educational census, Madras, 1871, p.43).

 The Institution was supported by the Madras Catholic Mission by fees collected and by grant-in-aid from Government and was initially under the management of fathers belonging to the society of St Joseph’s Mill Hill, London, who had completed the course of studies prescribed and listed by the Madras Educational Department as equal to the Trained Licentiates in Teaching (vide Fort St George Gazette 15.02.1901).

 H.B. Grigg, Esq. , M.A., Director of Public Instruction, in his report to the Government for the year 1882-83, had this to say: “Three private schools, St Mary’s Seminary and Day School, the Doveton Protestant School and Bishop Corrie Grammar School are chiefly intended for the education of European and Eurasian children.” (Ref: Report on Department of Public Instruction 1882-83), Madras, 1883, page 63). The system of education embraced the full classical course adopted to those who were destined for learned professions.

 The teaching community formed an important part of the school. It played an eminent role in the growth of the school. Both European and native teachers were employed.
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