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Inside the Classroom
At the first bell for either session of the classes, all must move towards the place of assembly and remain at the allotted place, in order and silence. Each session begins and ends with a common prayer for the whole school. A devout posture is expected from everyone during prayer. 

In the classroom, a place is allotted to each pupil by the class teacher and no one may change it by himself. Likewise, no one may move from place to place or go out of the classroom, without proper permission. 

When teachers or persons to whom respect is due, enter the class or leave it, the pupils are required to stand up spontaneously and greet them respectfully.

Silence is very conducive to quiet reflection and study both for oneself and others. Hence, if anyone wants to ask questions, clear doubts or discuss matters of study with the teachers or classmates, the permission of the supervising teacher is necessary.

Loud talking or clapping of hands or any disturbance to other classes is never permitted.For choral recitation or singing or anything else that is liable to cause disturbance to other classes, pupils must be taken to the place out side the class room.

In the absence of the teacher, the class leader immediately takes charge of the class and reports the fact to the Principal, with the help of the assistant leader. Pupils are expected to study their lessons in strict silence and seriousness in the absence of the teacher.

No one may take up any collection or impose a fine without the authorization of the Principal. No presentation of gifts either by pupils or parents to teachers, nor any demonstration of any sort towards the teachers may be done without the express permission of the Principal.

Pupils are not permitted to remain in the class room except during class hours. Exceptions need special permission. 

Pupils themselves are responsible for the safe custody of their books, vehicles and other belongings. It is not advisable for them to bring money or valuable articles to school. 

Outside the Classroom the Classroom
Every pupil should try to keep up the high tone of St. Mary's by excelling in good manners and exemplary behavior towards the staff and the students. 

No books, periodicals, newspapers, or pictures other than the prescribed ones, may be brought into the school premises. Sources of disturbance such as crackers, water pistols, cell phones, transistors, electronic games, colour powders / paints, etc., may not be brought into the school premises. If found in the school campus, the article/s will be confiscated. The school is not responsible for any loss. 

Scribbling on the walls or furniture or floor should be strictly avoided. Any damage to school property including games and sports equipment will have to be made good. The decision of the Principal / Administrator regarding the amount to be paid is final. 

Dangerous or harmful games, and amusements are strictly forbidden. In a brotherly spirit, the pupils are expected to share with one another the limited premises of the school, avoiding anything that hurts one another. 

The outer cleanliness of the pupils should be the reflection of their inner purity. Games or other activities that soil the dress or shoes of the pupil should be avoided before class. 

After the class or any function, the pupils must go out of the school building and the premises in an orderly and disciplined manner. 

During school hours a pupil may leave the premises only with the permission of the Principal and after informing the class teacher. 

Pupils are not allowed to use the school address to receive letters or other correspondence without special permission. 

Pupils are not allowed to meet parents or to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal. 

Pupils suffering from contagious diseases are not permitted to attend school. 

Pupils are forbidden to be members of any political organization, or any club or association outside the school. Written permission of the Headmaster is necessary to join any recreation club, library or other organizations. 

All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behaviour outside the school too. On their way to and from school, they are expected to behave in a gentlemanly manner. Any complaint from parents or well wishers about the serious misconduct of any student out side the school will result in disciplinary action against the student. 
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