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Pupils must be in the school premises at least 30 minutes before the first bell. 

Late-comers will be taken to task unless there is a genuine reason. Students who are late for more than five days, will not be permitted to attend class and will be required to bring their parents, the following day. Attendance will not be given for the late-comers for the morning session or the afternoon session, as the case may be. 

Late-comers should not enter the class without the written permission of the Principal in the Hand Book.

Regular Attendance
Regular attendance is a key requisite for a good student and St. Mary's attaches much importance to it. A special certificate is awarded to students with a hundred percent attendance.

A student absenting himself without prior written permission of the Principal on Parents' Day, Annual Sports Day and on the reopening and closing days of the term or after special holidays like Christmas, Michaelmas, Pongal, etc., is liable to have his name struck off the rolls. If he is readmitted, he will have to pay a re-admission fee of Rs. 250/- (with a fine of Rs. 50/- for each day of absence).

In the case of sickness, leave may be obtained from the Principal, before class commences, and a Medical certificate produced on return.

A pupil who is absent for five consecutive days without prior permission will have his name struck off the rolls and will not be re-admitted. If he is re-admitted, he shall pay a re-admission penalty of Rs. 250/-.

Re-admission of a pupil absenting himself on more than two occasions is NOT PERMITTED. 

An application for leave should be made in writing, duly signed by the parent or legal guardian of the pupil and should reach the Headmaster before the commencement of the class. Oral or phone messages will not be accepted. In the case of students of std X & XII the parent must come in person and obtain permission from the Principal to avail leave. 

Pupils who attend the morning session, should themselves obtain prior permission if they intend to absent themselves in the afternoon. The letter of the parent is necessary for such leave, unless the pupil takes ill during school hours. 

The pupil who has absented himself for more than three days with prior permission, must on his return, obtain permission in writing to re-enter the class. Leave, absence and late attendance record of the pupils must be always kept up-to- date. 

Absenting oneself for the sake of studying for examination is not permitted. 

Every pupil is expected to be present on important days of the School such as School Annual Day, School Sports Day, etc., to express his solidarity with and his love for, the Alma Mater. 

When a student intends to take leave for the purpose of pilgrimage / function, he must obtain prior permission from the Principal showing the proof of his visit (i.e. Invitation card or photo copy of the ticket) 

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